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Promotion Of Co-Operative Sector

Financial Assistance to Industrial Co-operative societies Under Package Scheme

  • This Scheme is introduce from 10-12-1980 and revised from dt.28-09-2015. This Scheme is to provide financial assistance to industrial co.op so. Object is to help weaker section of the societies and to provide employment and for their up life standard.
  • Eligibility criteria for registering the cooperative society & for getting the benefit of  this scheme, at least 50 members should be In one industrial co. op. society. under this scheme the financial assistance provide  In kind of share contribution, share loan, Managerial subsidy, Administrative subsidy, Interest Subsidy on Working Capital Loan and Toolkit- Equipment loan  and other different types of assistance.


Sr. No. Type of Assistance Assistance
1 Share Contribution  Three times of consolidated Share Contribution
2 Share loan  90 % of Share Value, maximum up to Rs.900/-
3 Administrative subsidy (Five year For Sr. No. A,B & D in  case of SC/ST & Baxi panch Co-op. society )
(A)   Managerial subsidy From Rs.48,000/- to Rs. 72,000/-, Up to  3  year
(B)   Subsidy against Administrative Exp. & Sales Depot Rent and sales promotion Exp. For Every Sale Depot From Rs.40,000/- to Rs.1,00,000/-,Up to 3  year
(C)   Salesman Per Salesman Rs.1000/- P.M.  for 3  Years
(D)   Subsidy for Technical staff From Rs.48,000/- to Rs. 72,000/-, Up to 3  year(Accept Power loom society)
4 (A)   Subsidy on Toolkits/ Equipment’s  Loan 75% Maximum limit  up to Rs.5/- Lakh
(B)   Work shed- Godown subsidy 75% Maximum limit  up to Rs.6/- Lakh
(C)   Sale Depot Cum Godown (For selling of goods-Products) (Including Furniture-fixture) 75% Maximum limit  up to Rs.10/- Lakh
(D)   Subsidy to purchase Vehicle for transportation of goods 75% Maximum limit  up to Rs.2/- Lakh
5 Interest Subsidy on Loan Sanctioned by Bank  as  mentioned in Sr.4 (A)  to (D) 8 % Interest Subsidy against Bank sanctioned Loan ( Accept Power loom co-op. Society ) & 3 % Interest Subsidy to Other Co-op. society .
6  Interest Subsidy on Working Capital Loan 8 % Interest Subsidy against Bank Loan sanctioned to the Society (Accept Power loom society)  & 3 % subsidy to others Society
7  Reserve Fund  Rs. 25,000/- to revives  co-op. society
8  Rebate on sale  5 % Permanent Rebate to Handicraft, Handloom & Leather Co-operative Society  on selling of goods
  1. Subsidy for Competition & Prize
Only prize for Handicraft, Handloom & Tribal Co-op. Society


1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

For co-op. society   For member of co-op. society

5,000/-                     3,000/-

3,000/-                     2,000/-

2,000/-                     1,000/-

  1. Camp at dist. Level
For Handloom & Handicraft Co-op. society , In each Dist., Per Camp. Up to Rs.5,000/-
  1. For Demonstration   Per Demonstration
  2. For Raw Material Rs. 2,500/-
2.   Per day Stipend Rs. 150/- to Artisan  to  participate3.   For Misscelleous   Expenditure, Publicity, Demonstration


Limit up to  Rs. 3,000/-

  1. To arrange academic Tour
Subsidy up to Rs. 1,000/- per member for Academic Tour
  1. Subsidy For Training or  given to institution
Per day Rs.150/- Stipend in State or Interstate training and 2nd Class Rly  fare  for To & fro  or   Actual Expenditure of Ordinary  Bus Fare

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