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Cluster Development Scheme

For the Development of Artisans of the Handloom & Handicraft sector of the state, A Cluster development Scheme is implemented from the year 2003-04, by the Industries & Mines department’s circular No. ico/102003/473/kh Dt.03-07-2003.  A cluster of minimum 25 Artisan or more than 25 artisan can work and produce goods at one place. Under this scheme various type of assistance like Diagnostic Survey, design Development, Trainig, C.F.C., margin money, managerial subsidy, publicity, export, Marketing Facility etc. is given to the cluster. Revised scheme is implemented vide G.R. dt.26-12-2016.
This scheme is implemented by Boards Corporations working under Cottage Commissionerate and reputed institutions such as National Institute of Design (NID) and National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), SHRUJAN, SHAHJ, ICE&CD & Freelance Designers are prepared design product of concert trade.

Sr. No. Component Details of Assistance
1 Diagnostic Survey & Project report  Maximum upto Rs.1 Lakh
2 Skill Upgradation  Maximum upto Rs.7 Lakh
3 Design & product  Development Maximum upto Rs.5 Lakh
4 Modernization of Tools & Equip. Maximum upto  Rs.5 Lakh (Subject to Govt. Contri.75% Beneficiaries Contribution 25%
5 Marketing Support Maximum upto Rs.20  Lakh
6 National-International Fair & Exhibition (One Time) Maximum upto Rs.1 Lakh
7 Publicity Maximum upto  Rs.2 Lakh
8 Exports of products Maximum upto  Rs.10 Lakh
9 Common Facility Centre Maximum  upto Rs.20 Lakh
10 Managerial subsidy( Per Beneficiaries Rs.10,000/-) Maximum upto Rs.5  Lakh
11 Managerial Subsidy Rs. 5000/- per Month For one Year
12  Service Charges


  1. For  the Project upto    Rs.50.00 lakh
  2. For  the Project above  Rs.50.00 lakh
5% of the project cost  or Rs.50,000/- Whichever is less
5% of the project cost  or Rs.1,00,000/- Whichever is less
13 For the better Development of cluster
Can occupy  CEPT, NID & other expert for latest technology, Design, Special Training, Guidance
 Special Expenditure Upto Rs.2.00 lakh

Other assistance are as per Govt. Resolution

Contact: District Industries Centre of Concerned District

From District Industries Centre of Concerned District
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Cluster Development Scheme G.R. – Dt.26-12-2016