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Craft Business Development Scheme (CBDC)


  • To empower artisans by providing marketing and related assistance
  • To promote design development through establishment of design studio
  • To strengthen marketing value chain
  • To provide assistance for raw material procurement, design development,
  • product diversification and marketing
  • To establish PPP (Public Private Partnership) module with government, artisans &
  • their groups and private ventures


Clusters / Centers having 100 to 300 artisans are eligible for the scheme

Quantum of Assistance

The State Government provides financial assistance of 70% on the project cost of up to Rs.7 Crores over a period of 10 years. The assistance is provided under following components:

  • Diagnostic Survey and Detail Project Report
  • Tools and Equipment Assistance
  • Design Development and Product Diversification
  • Raw Material Bank
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Advertising and maximizing outreach
  • Assistance in Export

Application form for Craft Business Development Scheme

Craft Business Development Centre G.R. – Dt.26-12-2016

Amendment G.R. Dt.26-11-2020